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I Truly CARE!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

I CARE because I was born with a passion for the youth of our society; To educate, instruct, introduce and nurture their minds! We care for Yours and Our Kids! They're our Future!

I would like to purpose suggestions to the school curriculum to promote decision making and emotional growth that fits the needs of this generation, which include:

1) Higher Power Studies; to introduce lessons that teach intellectual tools to help deal with tribulations in daily life, and stimulate balance of both the mind and body.

2) Life Skills

3) Diversity and Accountability

4) Health; Physical and emotional health education

5) Finances and Entrepreneurship

6) American History

7) Language, and

8) Current World Events

Children need to feel they're education can be achieved successfully, to keep them engaged and striving to learn!
This is why, Toni "Conner Cares!"

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